Real Spy Gear – Real Spy Gear Can Be Carried Anywhere!

Real Spy Gear

Real spy gear is becoming increasingly important today as technology continues to work both for and against us. If you read the newspapers and watch TV these days you may be afraid to leave the house.  On the positive side, a lot of the crimes we hear about are solved thanks to advances in surveillance technology.  As real spy gear becomes affordable more and more crimes get solved.

But what about the non violent crimes that don’t make the news?

Is your spouse cheating on you but you cannot prove it without spending a lot of money on a private detective? 

Is your nanny careless about her duties but you cannot prove a thing?

Are your employees are embezzling money but you don’t have the time to supervise them?

There may be many situations, where you are directly or indirectly losing your money but can’t obtain peace of mind due to absence of the proof.

In such situations, we may watch a James Bond type movie or an Episode of CSI and think “if we only had some real spy gear we could catch these people too!”  A few years ago such gadgets did not exist or were far too expensive for the everyday person,  but now with the advancement in  technology, the spy gear that is seen in the movies is available for real.

With the advancement in  technology it has become possible to keep a close watch everywhere, inside and outside your home, in the office, and even on your computer and smart phones too.

Real spy gear has an extensive product range, which starts from a variety of spy cameras, gadgets, and computer software, to sophisticated listening devices, audio recorders, and anti spy gear gadgets like bug detectors and noise generators. The basic characteristic of real spy gear is that they are mostly portable, miniature gadgets which can be planted and used pretty much anywhere.

Real Spy Gear – Spy cameras

Real Spy Gear

The spy cameras often come with built in recording devices, but sometimes they will hook up to a Digital Video Recording device. These security products include day-to-day objects like pens, MP3 players, key rings, cigarette lighters, alarm clocks, sunglasses, hats and other general items. Nobody would suspect that these things are fitted with real spy gear


Real Spy Gear – Products for catching cheating spouses

Real Spy Gear

You think that your spouse is cheating on you but can’t prove anything and you don’t want to hire an expensive detective. Now you don’t have to worry, we are offering you many real spy gear products with which you can spy on your cheating spouse and get evidence. We offer GPS trackers, cell phone surveillance, hidden cameras, infidelity test kits, computer surveillance, hidden audio equipments and other spy products with which you spy and cover the movements of your spouse.


Real Spy Gear – Products for Supervising Employees

Real Spy Gear

You may believe that whenever you go out, your employees do not work and waste their time by playing games on the computer or worse watching movies and surfing the net. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that buying real spy gear products brings.  Studies have shown that employees under surveillance by using CCTV cameras perform better, increase efficiency and feel better protected.


Real Spy Gear –  Listening Devices

Real Spy Gear

In olden days, people used to honor verbal promises. But nowadays this is very rare.  There are lots of things that are promised verbally but rarely mentioned in written form and later,  rarely honored. Afterwards if there is a dispute, the other party refuses to confirm the verbal promise. For such situations, it is imperative that you have a recorded conversation where the deal is made verbally. The good news is we  offer real spy gear products like cell phone recorders, hidden audio equipment, wall probes, voice recorder watches, voice activated digital recorders, digital telephone recorders and other real spy gear products for audio security and safety.


Real spy products to keep an eye on children

Real Spy Gear

Nowadays, there are many cases involving  child abuse in homes. Parents are often anxious because they have no idea how their nanny is handling their child, not to mention worries about the safety of their home when they are out of town.  IP Cameras let you watch the video feed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.  Worried that you left the stove on?  No problem, just login with your moblie phone and check up on things.

Real spy gear is of great help in the areas of both proof and peace of mind.  There are an extensive range of security products available on the market.

So grab your real spy gear now and start living the safe and secure life that having evidence brings.