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Real Spy Gear – REI USA Sells Real Spy Equipment and More

Real spy equipment can be very advanced, in comparison with your every day spy gadgets that are used for individual purposes. Real spy gear, like the kind offered from REI focuses on counter-surveillance at a governmental and corporate level.

Companies, banks, universities, offices, malls, prisons , governments and other various industries are aware of the benefits brought by the use of real spy gear. Actually real spy gear from REI is not ordinary equipment and cannot be compared with low cost spy gadgets. Sometimes such equipment can be expensive due to the extreme performance and the advantages that they bring. Businesses can spy on each other for various reasons, and often governments and businesses can be victims of unwanted surveillance from outside sources.

Spy Gear can help with: Securing communications and preventing information leakage, protecting for leaders, trade protection, Sensitive data distribution, terrorism control, and more.

REIUSA.net offers all types of products, in order to fit the needs of any client. The company has qualified engineers who have developed reliable pieces of equipment. The products have a high performance and utility. The development was made using the advice of professionals and corporate security personnel. The prices are made to be affordable, because one of the goals of the company is to provide performance at the lowest possible cost. The company offers the best solutions for businesses, as it is aware of the necessity that governments and corporations have today regarding counter-surveillance. Counter-surveillance can be really important and there are many reasons for which organizations have to use real spy gear to protect themselves

Real Spy Gear Video Pole Camera

A good example of product from REI is the Video Pole Camera (VPC-64/VPX-64), which can make inspections around corners, behind objects that are movable, drop ceilings and many other spots that can be hard to survey. There are actually two compact devices included that are easy to use. With a large color monitor, LED illumination for dark areas, no external cables and high portability, the cameras are lightweight and very easy to handle.


White LED illumination for color inspection in dark areas (i.e. drop ceilings)
IR LED illuminated black and white camera head available for covert or tactical applications
Large 6.4 (16cm) color monitor
No external cables, ready-to-use out of the case
Collapsed pole, removable camera head, monitor, and batteries fit into a case slightly larger than a standard briefcase
Extremely portable, lightweight, and easy to use


Standard Color Camera Head

Signal Format: NTSC
Horizontal Resolution: More than 380 Lines
Sensitivity: 0.5 Lux / F1.2, 1.0 Lux / F2.0 (AGC ON)
Illumination: 8 White LEDs with variable brightness control

Optional IR Illuminated Black & White Camera Head

Signal Format: NTSC
Horizontal Resolution: 420 Lines
Sensitivity: 0.0003 Lux / F1.2, 1.0 Lux / F2.0 (AGC ON)
Illumination: 8 Infrared LEDs with variable brightness control

Color LCD Display

Size: 6.4 inch (16 cm) diagonal
Brightness: 300 Nits Viewing Angles: +/- 50° horizontal, +/- 40° vertical
Display Controls: color saturation, contrast, and brightness
Camera Head Controls: variable illumination

Rechargeable Power Supply

Charger and two Ni-MH Battery Packs included
Average Run-Time: 2.0 Hours Average
Charge-time: 1.8 Hours

Mechanical VPC-64

Collapsed length (including Camera Head): 24.5 inches (62cm)
Extended length (including Camera Head): 6.5 feet (200cm)
Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6 kg)
Case Size: 20 in (50cm) x 5 in (14cm) x 15 in (38cm)
Case Weight (with VPC-64 and all accessories): 12 lbs (5.4kg)

Mechanical VPX-64

Collapsed length (including Camera Head): 38 inches (96cm)
Extended length (including Camera Head): 12.5 feet (386cm)
Weight: 4.5 lbs (2 kg)
Case Size: 36 in (92cm) x 5 in (13cm) x 13 in (33cm)
Case Weight (with VPX-64 and all accessories): 13 lbs (6kg)

OMS 2000

Real Spy Gear Omni Spectral

Another great device for businesses is the OMS 2000 Omni Masking Speaker. The omnidirectional speakers can generate acoustic noise for drop ceilings, closets, air ducts, air spaces, or crawl spaces.

The main role of these devices is to provide assurance to a business that it is not under surveillance. For instance, generating acoustic noise can be beneficial in the cancellation of any listening device that could steal information.

Oscor Green

One of the new devices from REI is the Oscor Green Spectrum Analyzer and is able to detect and locate anomalous and disruptive radio frequency transmissions. The device allows site surveys for detecting misuse of various radio frequencies.

Real Spy Gear Oscor Green 2

OSCOR Green Advantages

Fast: scans 24GHz in 1 second ensuring spectrum activity is captured (2,000,000 data points per second)
Does not require additional antennas: built-in auto switching antenna system to 24 GHz means no additional antennas or cables are required
Touch screen pan, zoom, drag and move
Portable and lightweight: weighs only 9.6lbs/4.4kg
2-3 hour run time on battery
Quickly identify localized RF energy transmissions of all types of modulation
Easily Map RF Traces: Reference and target traces are quickly captured, stored, and compared (including differences) for rapid analysis
Quickly Generate Signal lists
Spectrogram (Waterfall) Display generates spectrogram of receiver traces over time
Provides bench-top Spectrum Analyzer capabilities in portable design specifically for RF security surveys
Built in demodulators: AM, FM, SSB, Sub-carrier, and video (displayed on screen)
IF output, 25MHz wide centered at 75MHz
Real-time frequency update and display while simultaneously demodulating
Touch screen interface
Built-in software (no separate laptop required)


TALAN [ Telephone and Line Analyzer ]


Real Spy Gear Talan

For detecting phone line intrusions Talan can be helpful, as it is a VoIP analysis piece of software. Talan has Voice-over Internet Protocol. Digital and analogue phones systems can be verified for the existence of phone taps, or other devices used for surveillance.


Combines multiple testing capabilities into a single piece of equipment
Automatic internal pair switching matrix performs tests on all pair combinations
Quickly performs common test functions including:
Multimeter tests (voltage, current, resistance, capacitance)
RF Broadband Detector (up to 8GHz)
Spectrum Analyzer (up to 85MHz)
High Gain Audio Amplifier
Bias Generator ±80 VDC
Audio Oscilloscope with active input (20Hz to 20KHz)

DPA-7000 Advancements

Digital Demodulation to confirm that the telephone line is not passing audio
Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) to check for taps on the line
Line Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) Functionality to detect electronics connected to a line
NLJD Line Trace Probe for tracing wires and locating electronics
Multi-Test Database System provides the ability to perform multiple tests, on all pair combinations, storing data in a database for comparison against other lines and historical comparison


An older device, the Blue Oscor Spectrum Analyzer was the winner of Security Products Reader’s Choice Award in 2010. REI can also provide a device that can be used by prison facilities for detection of contraband mobile phones.

The warranty provided by REI can include all the upgrades that can be necessary during the first year after purchase. One of the many goals of the company is to maintain their clients happy, so they request some of their equipment for verification after six months from purchase, even if the devices seem to be in perfect condition. The technicians who make the repairs are the same ones who tested them after they were made and the turnaround time for repairs is of one, or two days.

Finding real spy gear is not a hard thing today. Due to the latest technology developments, counter-surveillance equipment is available in all sizes and can fit all needs, for affordable prices.

Real Spy Gear Has Some Real Advantages

Having your own real spy gear doesn’t mean you are a covert operative, but it does mean you take the responsibility of protecting the thing you value most into your own hands.

Types of Real Spy Gear

There are various types of real spy gear gadgets available in the market. Here are some of the more popular choices available.
Invisible Bluetooth earpiece – This spy gadget only needs to be inserted in the ears. It is very small in size so it easily fits into the ear. The other end of this device is connected to the Bluetooth of a phone so the person on the other end can communicate and the one wearing the headphone can hear clearly. These now come with minicam DVR recording features as well.

Real Spy Gear – Spy Watch

real spy gear watch camera

This is an amazing spying device. Available in many styles, spy cameras on your wrist were considered futuristic not too long ago. Now they are almost common place. Some of the spy watches now also support hi def 1080p.

Real Spy Gear – Spy glasses

These eyeglasses have cameras in them that allow you to record what you see. Although they do have covert applications, a lot of every day people are now using them to record everything from sporting events to white water rafting. Oh yeah, they come in sunglasses too.

Real Spy Gear-  Wireless Audio Surveillance and Bug Detectors

Real Spy Gear Bug Detector

Microphones can be placed in offices by competing firms as a way of getting their hands on illegal information. Luckily, most bug detectors can counteract these measures. There are also noise generators that produce white noise that interferes with anyone trying to record clandestine conversations.

Real Spy Gear Spy pen video recorders

Real Spy Gear Pen Camera

This type of real spy gear allows the user to capture things by way of video. The person needs to place this pen in the shirt pocket so that the events taking place around the user could be recorded with the help of the camera that is installed in the place. This gadget looks like a pen so nobody would suspect that it is a camera.

Advantages of real spy gadgets

Many people think that equipment used by real spies is used only for official operations but this is not the case; it can be used in homes, businesses, as well as for various other purposes.

  • Most spying gadgets are so light in weight that the user can wear it throughout the day easily.
  • It doesn’t need much technical support and hence, anybody can use it. The only technical activity required in most cases is to install on a computer or lap top.
  • They protect you from privacy theft and invasion. (This could be anything from a bug detector protecting you from being filmed naked in a hotel room to preventing confidential information during business meetings)

When buying Real spy gear you should always purchase it from a place where the buyer can be sure to get reliable products and warranty service within the country they live. This will help ensure both quality, and a successful covert operation.

Real Spy Gear – Real Spy Gear Can Be Carried Anywhere!

Real Spy Gear

Real spy gear is becoming increasingly important today as technology continues to work both for and against us. If you read the newspapers and watch TV these days you may be afraid to leave the house.  On the positive side, a lot of the crimes we hear about are solved thanks to advances in surveillance technology.  As real spy gear becomes affordable more and more crimes get solved.

But what about the non violent crimes that don’t make the news?

Is your spouse cheating on you but you cannot prove it without spending a lot of money on a private detective? 

Is your nanny careless about her duties but you cannot prove a thing?

Are your employees are embezzling money but you don’t have the time to supervise them?

There may be many situations, where you are directly or indirectly losing your money but can’t obtain peace of mind due to absence of the proof.

In such situations, we may watch a James Bond type movie or an Episode of CSI and think “if we only had some real spy gear we could catch these people too!”  A few years ago such gadgets did not exist or were far too expensive for the everyday person,  but now with the advancement in  technology, the spy gear that is seen in the movies is available for real.

With the advancement in  technology it has become possible to keep a close watch everywhere, inside and outside your home, in the office, and even on your computer and smart phones too.

Real spy gear has an extensive product range, which starts from a variety of spy cameras, gadgets, and computer software, to sophisticated listening devices, audio recorders, and anti spy gear gadgets like bug detectors and noise generators. The basic characteristic of real spy gear is that they are mostly portable, miniature gadgets which can be planted and used pretty much anywhere.

Real Spy Gear – Spy cameras

Real Spy Gear

The spy cameras often come with built in recording devices, but sometimes they will hook up to a Digital Video Recording device. These security products include day-to-day objects like pens, MP3 players, key rings, cigarette lighters, alarm clocks, sunglasses, hats and other general items. Nobody would suspect that these things are fitted with real spy gear


Real Spy Gear – Products for catching cheating spouses

Real Spy Gear

You think that your spouse is cheating on you but can’t prove anything and you don’t want to hire an expensive detective. Now you don’t have to worry, we are offering you many real spy gear products with which you can spy on your cheating spouse and get evidence. We offer GPS trackers, cell phone surveillance, hidden cameras, infidelity test kits, computer surveillance, hidden audio equipments and other spy products with which you spy and cover the movements of your spouse.


Real Spy Gear – Products for Supervising Employees

Real Spy Gear

You may believe that whenever you go out, your employees do not work and waste their time by playing games on the computer or worse watching movies and surfing the net. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind that buying real spy gear products brings.  Studies have shown that employees under surveillance by using CCTV cameras perform better, increase efficiency and feel better protected.


Real Spy Gear –  Listening Devices

Real Spy Gear

In olden days, people used to honor verbal promises. But nowadays this is very rare.  There are lots of things that are promised verbally but rarely mentioned in written form and later,  rarely honored. Afterwards if there is a dispute, the other party refuses to confirm the verbal promise. For such situations, it is imperative that you have a recorded conversation where the deal is made verbally. The good news is we  offer real spy gear products like cell phone recorders, hidden audio equipment, wall probes, voice recorder watches, voice activated digital recorders, digital telephone recorders and other real spy gear products for audio security and safety.


Real spy products to keep an eye on children

Real Spy Gear

Nowadays, there are many cases involving  child abuse in homes. Parents are often anxious because they have no idea how their nanny is handling their child, not to mention worries about the safety of their home when they are out of town.  IP Cameras let you watch the video feed from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.  Worried that you left the stove on?  No problem, just login with your moblie phone and check up on things.

Real spy gear is of great help in the areas of both proof and peace of mind.  There are an extensive range of security products available on the market.

So grab your real spy gear now and start living the safe and secure life that having evidence brings.